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The Dream of Bowie is Alive in Brixton

Fans have partnered with Bowie's team in London and New York to plan an ambitious crowdfunding project. If they can raise the required 1.2 million in time; a massive sculpture will be erected in Brixton in Bowie's name. It is to be just 5 streets from Bowie's birthplace in London. The monument, a seemingly gravity-defying three story sculpture, is to look like the iconic Alladin Sane lighting bolt. The project, which Bowie's official website promotes, has already been approved by the local council. Artists and engineers collaborated to make mockups of the steel structure. The sculpture could also feature a speaker which would play Bowie songs on the hour for all to hear. This is not the fi

The History of the Heart Icon

Around February 14th, each year, red and pink hearts start popping up all around like a vicious pubescent zit breakout. Whether you love them or hate them; there is no denying the little hearts are ever growing in prolificacy. Arguably the single most recognizable symbol, it is an ideograph representing the heart as the center of emotion an romantic love. Any quick image google shows, however, that the heart inside the human body looks nearly nothing like the symbol we all recognize so where did this image come from? The heart symbol dates back as far as the 12th century and probably earlier than that but "It didn’t mean love before the 13th and 14th centuries," says Eric Jager, author of Th

Harambe's first miracle --when will he be canonized 'Saint Harambe'?

Harambe, the gorilla shot at the Cincinnati zoo, revealed his first post mortem miracle this week when a flamin' hot Cheeto in his likeness showed up on ebay. Though the crunchy snack sold for nearly $100,000 ; it is said by many to be priceless or at least "worth well over 4.2 million". Rumors have it that that Harambe, widely considered to be the voice of our generation, is now being considered for canonization as Vatican officials await more miracles. Though it is too early to call him Saint Harambe, 2017 could be the year we see our first primate saint. I reached out to Pope Francis in regards to Harambe's saintly status and am awaiting comment.

A Century Later and its Still The Style

It all began in the Amsterdam. In 1917, a Dutch artist, Theo Van Doesburg, released the first publication of an art journal, De Stijl. With it, he called like minded artists who created a new artistic movement based on the Journal. Somewhat a reaction to the excess of Art Decco these artist began a "Neo-Plasticism" style. De Stijl or "the style" embraced a simplified, utopian, ascetic based on geometric lines, pared down forms, and a limited color palette reduced to primary colors. Piet Mondrian is the most well remembered and commercially successful De Stijl artist. Other founding members include J.J.P. Oud and Vilmos Huszar. Now, in 2017, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the De Stijl

Happy Birthday Takashi Murakami

A little intro... Takashi Murakami (born Feb 1st, 1962, Tokyo Japan) is an artist unique in his ability to adapt the ascetics of traditional Japanese art to in the context of popular culture. A classically trained painter; he saw how the flat style of traditional Japanese art influenced anime and manga as well as the larger subculture of otaku in general. His flat and bold work followed in the path laid by centuries of Japanese artists. Takashi, however, bridged the gap between Japanese tradition and subculture. He originated the artistic movement called Superflat. Superflat describes not only the art style of flat, bold, colorful imagery, but also the shallowness Murakami saw in post-war J

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