A Brief Animated History of Hannah Hoch's Femenism

Hannah Hoch (1889-1978) was a bad ass lady artist in Germany during the Weimar period of Dada Art. She paved the way for all artists when she played a key role in originating the medium of photomontage. Hoch's photomontages are thematically feminist. She basically called bullshit on the 1920's German idea of the "new woman" as an equal woman.

League Boots

***the new woman was a woman who had bobbed hair, worked, had sex, could vote, and was in a marriage based on equality of the sexes****

All this new woman stuff sounds great from the outside but was essentially just women getting a little crumb off of the big boy table.

A Couple of Issues With the "New Woman"

-- these women could only work low level positions for embarrassingly low pay

--- married women could not hold their jobs if a capable veteran was available to take the woman's place.

Little Sun

Hoch was a "new woman " in her social circles but was, as any woman should be, unsatisfied with getting crumbs and calling them equality. She wanted the whole damn equality pie and was really pissed that she, and every other "New Woman", was just a creation of the media and an advertising target.


Many of Hoch's photomontages seek to delegitimize the construct of the new woman and the male dominated society that she existed in.

Even as a artist in the progressive Dada group, Hoch felt an outsider. One of only a couple of women; she never really had a seat at the table. Hoch was often left out of group activities and most other Dadaists did not address sexist issues with the male dominated society. Instead they often regarded her with condescension.


She showed them!!! She is now among the most well known Dadaists with her work exhibited all over the world. Widely considered one of the most innovative artists of her time.


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