Harambe's first miracle --when will he be canonized 'Saint Harambe'?

Harambe, the gorilla shot at the Cincinnati zoo, revealed his first post mortem miracle this week when a flamin' hot Cheeto in his likeness showed up on ebay. Though the crunchy snack sold for nearly $100,000 ; it is said by many to be priceless or at least "worth well over 4.2 million".

Rumors have it that that Harambe, widely considered to be the voice of our generation, is now being considered for canonization as Vatican officials await more miracles. Though it is too early to call him Saint Harambe, 2017 could be the year we see our first primate saint.

I reached out to Pope Francis in regards to Harambe's saintly status and am awaiting comment.

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